Slade Lays Farm Equestrian is a small professionally run business, located in the Midlands.

Abbie Taylor

Some of Abbie's main achievements so far: 

  • HOYS 128cm final 2010 - Little Miss Imp

  • England 128cm team 2010, Welsh HPI - Little Miss Imp - Silver medal

  • RIHS 138cm final 2011 - Ashes Cool dude - 7th place

  • HOYS 138cm final 2011 - Ashes Cool Dude and Little Miss Sassy

  • HOYS Newcomer final 2011 - Mr Jack Sparrow

  • England 138cm team 2011, Cavan HPI - Little Miss Sassy - Double clear, Bronze medal

  • Scope Primary Champion 2011 - Ashes Cool Dude

  • England debut team English HPI 2012 - Cadulle

  • HOYS Newcomer final 2014 - Helzi

  • Members Cup final 2013 - Helzi - 5th place

  • Members Cup final 2014 - Helzi - double clear


Abbie had a great few years on ponies, being very successful on 128cm's, right through from Tiny Tots up to HOYS and England teams, also winning numerous 138cm Grand Prixs and Finals, and also producing numerous ponies including Little Miss Sassy from a 5yo who hadn't jumped upto qualifying HOYS as a 6yo and jumping on an England Team.

Abbie also had a great couple of years on 148cm's including again qualifying HOYS on Helzi, and also being placed in all major finals on Helzi and Cadulle, including Blue chip, Scope, HPI's.

Since moving on to horses Abbie has had a great couple of years, producing Halltown Lucy from discovery level to Foxhunters, who then later went on to qualify HOYS 2016 with twin sister Kellie.


Abbie at the start of 2016 moved to work for Irish showjumper Trevor Breen and is getting some good results upto 140cm level.

Abbie returned home after a great 12months of working away.

Since being home she has slowly produced a lovely string of young horses. Abbie now has 3 very promising 6 year olds and an 8 year old mare who she hopes to step upto 140 & YR level.


Kellie Taylor

Some of Kellie's main achievements so far: 

  • RIHS 128cm final 2009 - Woodpeckers Golden Flash

  • RIHS 128cm final 2010 - Woodpeckers Golden Flash

  • Amanda Millward 128cm final 2009 - Woodpeckers Golden Flash - 1st place

  • Amanda Millward 128cm final 2010 - Woodpeckers Golden Flash - 1st place

  • RIHS 138cm final 2011 - Tremenyn Flyaway

  • England 138cm Team, Cavan HPI 2011 - Tremenyn Flyaway - Bronze medal

  • Scope National 138cm final 2012 - Mr Jack Sparrow - 2nd place

  • England 138cm Team, English HPI 2012 - Mr Jack Sparrow - double clear - Gold medal!

  • Blue Chip Discovery final 2013 - Taffechan Dylan - 1st place

  • HOYS Newcomer final 2013 - Amber Minor

  • RIHS Winter novice final 2015 - SLF Luxidor

  • National 130cm final 2015 - Creevagh Josh - 5th place

  • Bucks County show National 130cm 2015 - Creevagh Josh - 1st place

  • HOYS Newcomer final 2016 - Halltown Lucy

Kellie produced Woodpeckers Golden Flash from the age of 8 for four years, in which they achieved more than anyone ever imagined.

138cm's was a real success for Kellie, high light was defiantly a Gold medal on Mr Jack sparrow.

Amber Minor qualifying HOYS was a real achievement for all involved with him, and was a definite high for his owners.

Kellie has gone off to a flying start on horses, Creevagh Josh has gone from jumping 105cm to 135cm double clears in 2 years, and winning numerous 130cm!

SLF Luxidor has been produced by Kellie from jumping British Novice up to 130cm double clears in a year!

An incredible achievement for 2016 has defiantly got to be little superstar Halltown Lucy winning the Newcomer second round at Weston Lawns out of 105 starters! We very much look forward to the final with her.

2017 has started off with great success for Kellie. With already 2 HOYS tickets under her belt. Ferro Opaal qualified the Grade C final at Herts County Show, a very exciting future ahead for this 7 year old gelding Lord Z X Mr Blue. Halltown Lucy jumped 3 clear rounds to win the Foxhunter second round at Weston Lawns - jumping a massive 155m!

Sophie Taylor

Some of Kellie's main achievements so far: 

At the age of 11 Sophie has experienced a whole range of different things. At 7 years old she jumped BSJA up to 90cm on her 128cm Parvadean Rupert who really got her going!

Sophie also enjoys lots of hunting on another of her ponies Whistle, and also is a member of the Warwickshire Hunt pony club and is a big part of the Pony club games team on her little pony Bea, and has been well placed with her team all season, including qualifying for the main aim of this year, the Pony club championships to be held in Cheshire in August.

Sophie now has 2 lovely jumping ponies both sourced by ourselves, a 128cm gelding Freddie & a very promising 138cm Gowlands Tia Maria, Sophie qualified both ponies for the stepping stones final this year at the National Championships.

Sophie has now moved to secondary school so is very busy juggling her education, showjumping and pony club games team.


Millie Taylor

Some of Kellie's main achievements so far: 

ow what can we say about Millie, 8years old, completely crazy, full of character, never stops talking, and adores her ponies! 

Millie is a very active member of the North Warwickshire pony club games team, she has recently sold her wonderful grey pony Imogen & has just moved onto a bigger version, Pearl!

Until now Millie has always been a little nervous when it comes to showjumping. She now has the bug for it! She has a fantastic 128cm schoolmistress, Shannon.

Shannon has been there & done it so is teaching Millie massive amounts!

Millie has come on leaps and bounds and is now jumping round 70cm. 

Millie is now a massive asset to our team and is always keen to ride new ponies.


The girls are always looking for sponsors or owners. If you feel you could help in any way we would be more than happy to take you on board.

Feel free to contact us either by phone, 07768623888 Vicki or email